Remembering the Sweet Lips Art Gallery


From Rock Lake to the Glacial Drumlin Trail to their historic downtown, there’s always something to do or see in Lake Mills Wisconsin. Sweet Lips Art & Gift Gallery contributed to the town's vibrant downtown business area by offering for sale more than 220 American Artists' handmade wares, art and funky gifts to both visitors and local residents. And after shopping you were able to sit down in their quaint Italian coffee bar for some delicious Italian gelato. Or if you needed a caffeine pick me up, there was also a full Italian coffee bar featuring Ancora coffee drinks. And for those who desired something sweet, Sweet Lips served Golosi Gelato Made in Oconomowoc, WI. Just some of the examples of their many different flavors included Pistachio, Nutella, Lemon,Cherry, Orange Dreamsicle, Laffy Taffy and Oreo Cookie.


This was the Sweet Lips Art & Gift Gallery's website. It with a sad heart that I learned they were deciding to close after spending five years at their 103 Church St. They contributed to the community via their support of  various town activities. For instance, at the 2009 Lake Mills Arts Festival they were Bronze Sponsors. In 2013 they made generous donations to the artist hospitality tent at the Lake Mills Main Street Program’s eighth annual Lake Mills Arts Festival which took place in Commons Park in downtown Lake Mills on Saturday, July 20, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Here's a nice review from a former employee.

Sweet Lips Art Gallery a wonderful place to work!

I loved my five year employment at Sweet Lips Art Gallery! Brynne Nodolf is an energetic, imaginative, and creative employer who not only spent endless hours training her staff but encouraged me as an artist, stager and bistro. She taught me people skills and self confidence which have helped me in every job I've had since. I would work with Brynne anywhere any time!

Our time at Sweet Lips was all too short

Whenever I was in the area seeing clients to discuss or help with their application development for Salesforce, I would stop by and spend a sweet half hour or so in their cozy nook of an Italian coffee bar with its plush seating and interesting reading materials. I had numerous discussions with several local folks about what I do as a developer. The team I work with is experienced in all aspects of custom application development and integration on the platform. Many folks had not even heard of Salesforce, but once I explain how we first analyze the processes and activities that a company uses and then show the company where a Salesforce app development project could be implemented to automate and scale their business by tailoring the software to their specific needs, most folks are impressed. For those people who are contemplating getting Salesforce for their business or already have it, but don't feel they are utilizing its full potential, my typical spiel usually made them realize that they needed to get an experience Salesforce expert in to look over their needs. I actually picked up two new clients for my company at the Sweet Lips Art & Gift Gallery. It was a surprisingly great little place for some networking. I will miss it.

Even though the Sweet Lips Art & Gift Gallery no longer occupies 203 West Lake Street, the place is not empty. Ephraim Pottery Studio & Gallery now occupies the gallery's former space. Since 1996 Ephraim Pottery has been making collectible art pottery, and more recently tableware, in their rural Wisconsin studio where ten artists collaborate on all aspects of the artwork. Each piece of Ephraim pottery is made to order; hand thrown and sculpted, and finished with their in house-designed glazes. There is also a west coast branch of Ephraim Pottery in Cambria CA. If you collect art pottery, be sure to check out Ephraim's art pottery and tiles whicgh are created in limited editions. Ephraim Pottery marks the foot of each piece of pottery and the back of each tile to assure its authenticity. I have several of their Elemental Vases which happily do not require any additional liner. And all of their mugs, tumblers, and bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Another gallery that is also located in the downtown area of Lake Mills is the Welkin Art Gallery & Studio. Like the former Sweet Lips Art & Gift Gallery, this gallery displays artists from Lake Mills, Mercer, Columbus, Jefferson, and other surrounding towns in both Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. The Welkin Art Gallery & Studio is located at 100 Water Street in Lake Mills.

Because of the incredibly vibrant art community in Lake Mills and the surrounding areas, I always enjoy visiting this area.


From the Lakeside Podium:

"The owner of Sweet Lips Art Gallery in Lake Mills, WI, is renowned for his unique passion for Batman. This is evident right from the gallery's entrance, where a curious silhouette of Batman walking away is displayed - a creative touch that often leaves visitors intrigued. His enthusiasm extends beyond mere admiration; he has amassed an impressive collection of Batman-themed shirts and is often seen sporting a Batman hoodie, his "suit". His Toyota, affectionately referred to as the "Batmobile," is a testament to his dedication, and his frequent quoting of Batman lines adds to his charm. The community holds him in high regard, affectionately considering him their own local superhero. Perhaps in a way, he truly embodies the spirit of Batman." Georgia Sands



Recently I discovered that the Sweet Lips Art Gallery domain was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from archived pages. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website. I wanted to keep the spirit of the original website intact. SO although there wasn't very much information in the archived pages of the site, I hope this recreation will bring back fond memories and keep the spirit of the original website intact.


Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it since I had no access to any of the images displaying their artisans' work, please be indulgent
Now let's take a nostalgic stroll back to the early days of the Sweet Lips Arts and Gifts store and website.



Sweet Lips Art & Gift Gallery proudly features over 200 American Artists' handmade wares, art and funky gifts. We also serve delicious Italian gelato and have a full Italian coffee bar featuring Ancora coffee drinks.

If you are in the Lake Mills Wisconsin area come visit the Sweet Lips Art Gallery. You will find original artwork, made in America, beautifully displayed in a newly renovated historical Lake Mills building. Much of the products they offer ares locally made. After perusing the store, snuggle into their seating area to enjoy a gourmet cup of coffee or gelato or both!

Sweet Lips in Lake Mills, Wisconsin offered original Handmade Art - Pottery,Glassware,Gourmet Coffee, and Wi-Fi at their Sweet Lips Art and Gifts Gallery in Lake Mills, WI.

The owners of Sweet Lips Gallery whole heartedly embraced the Lake Mills annual Halloween celebration.